Over the last half-century of business excellence here at The H&K Group, our story of success has been filled with chapter titles such as hard work, persistence, honesty, integrity, dedication and quality.  Beyond these descriptors however, and woven within the day-to-day focus of building excellence, there also runs a thread of tradition that equally defines our story.

Almost immediately after the cornerstone for H&K was set in 1968, this thread of tradition began to naturally weave its way through the fabric of our company.  Though some of these traditions have since changed or been lost with the times, many remain to this very day because of one key ingredient: our people.  From our multi-generational family Ownership, to every single member of our workforce, tradition and a sense of giving, pride and commitment rings true in all that we do.  And it is this tradition that drives the economic engine of H&K, which in turn supports our employee families, our communities, our great nation and most importantly, and to the greatest extent possible, those fortunate than ourselves.

We hope you enjoy some of the traditions that continue to define who we are and what it has meant to be a member of the H&K family since 1968.





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