H&K History Timeline


1952 - Dwight D. Eisenhower Elected President

1954 - Elvis Presley Records his first single ‘That’s All Right’

1955 - John B. Haines 4th Excavating is Formed

John B. Haines 4th Excavating is Formed in Worcester, PA.

John Haines starts the small excavating business on his parent's property, using a portion of the farm and a barn for equipment storage and maintenance.

1957 - Haines & Koch is Formed

John B. Haines joins forces with friend, Terry Koch, and together they begin to build their small excavating company. Within several years of the company's formation, Terry Koch leaves Haines & Koch to pursue other business interests.

1957 - Civil Rights Act is Passed

1959 - Alaska & Hawaii become 49th and 50th States

1962 - Cuban Missile Crisis

1963 – JFK is Assassinated

1965 - Malcom X is Assassinated

1966 - Jack Kibblehouse Joins the Haines & Koch Team

John Haines reconnects with former Norristown High School classmate, John R. "Jack" Kibblehouse to assist with his growing business and the rest will soon become history.

Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc.
is Formed

1968 marks the beginning of the company as we know it today.

Together with friends Jack Kibblehouse, Harry "Butch" Budenz, Jacks brother-in-law, Lee Detwiler and Terry Koch, who returned to the company, the group formed Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc.

1969 - H&K, Inc. Acquires Tract of Land in Skippack, PA and Sets Corner stone for Future Corporate Hub Location

To support their growing business, the group acquires several acres of land off of Lucon Road in Skippack, PA and builds a small office and attached maintenance garage. This location will ultimately become the corporate headquarters for Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc.

1969 – First Man on The Moon

1970 - The Environmental Protection Agency is Created

1972 - The Burgeoning Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc. Captures Critical Share of Regional Contracting Work

By the early '70's the young H&K, Inc. was beginning to capture its share of the growing site development, demolition, paving, infrastructure and utility work within the expanding Philadelphia metropolitan area.

1973 - H&K, Inc. Acquires First Materials Facility in Chalfont, PA

Quickly realizing that the growing company could better control materials cost, supply chain, project deliverability and quality by owning and operating its own construction materials facility, H&K, Inc. acquires its first quarry and asphalt plant in Chalfont, PA.

H&K Materials Quarry, the name chose for this flagship operation continues to be a top producer for the company.

1973 – The first mobile phone

1973 - Vietnam War Officially Ends for U.S. operations

1974 - Rahns Construction Material Company Formed in Rahns, PA

In a continuing effort to control the supply of high quality construction materials products to their contracting projects, John Haines and partner Jack Kibblehouse join forces with long-time friend, Paul Yerk, to acquire Rahns Construction Material Company in Rahns, PA. Rahns begins producing ready-mix concrete from this key location. Not long after, the group begins producing precast products at this same plant.

1974 - H&K, Inc. Acquires Quarry Facility in Blooming Glen, PA

A short while after acquisition of H&K Materials quarry, the company soon acquired nearby Yoder Quarry from local quarry owner, Vernon Horn.

1974 - H&K, Inc. Acquires Colony Materials in Point Pleasant, PA

This same year, H&K, Inc. acquires a small existing quarry in Point Pleasant, PA called Colony Materials. This small quarry would ultimately become a key "Clean Fill" facility for the company.


1975 - Blooming Glen Contractors, Inc. is Formed

In an effort to establish a site contracting hub in the rapidly growing north central Bucks County, PA region, H&K, Inc. forms Blooming Glen Contractors, Inc. in Blooming Glen, PA. This small contracting group would soon become one of H&K, Inc's largest affiliate contracting companies.


1976 - Jimmy Carter is elected President

1976 - The United States Celebrates its Bicentennial

1979 – Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident in Dauphin County, PA

1980 - Ronald Reagan Elected President

1981 - H&K, Inc. Acquires Locust Ridge Quarry in Pocono Lake, PA

In an effort to expand its construction materials footprint northward into Monroe County, PA, H&K, Inc. acquires an existing quarry operation in Pocono Lake, PA.


1984 - Locust Ridge Contractors is Formed

Soon after establishment of Locust Ridge Quarry and the installation of a newer, larger asphalt plant at this materials location, the stage was set for development of an affiliate site contracting company at this same location in Pocono Lake, PA.

1984 - H&K, Inc. Acquires Historic Quarry Facility in Easton, PA

Later this same year, H&K, Inc. entered into negotiations with Lehigh Portland Cement Co. to acquire an existing aggregate operation on Mud Run Road. By years-end, H&K, Inc. was owner/operator of A.B.E. Materials, Easton.


1986 - H&K, Inc. Completes Demolition of Landmark Conshohocken Bridge

Under the watchful eye of Philadelphia metropolitan commuters, the Borough of Conshohocken, PA and the Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation, H&K, Inc. completes milestone demolition of Conshohocken Bridge.


1986 - H&K, Acquires Quarry Facility in Narvon, PA

Seizing the opportunity to acquire an existing family-owned quarry operation in the northeastern corner of Lancaster County, PA, H&K acquired Silver Hill Quarry (SHQ) in 1986. Situated in Narvon, PA, this strategic materials facility boasted minable reserves of igneous (diabase) rock with an asphalt plant; a combination that has since marked SHQ as a key H&K materials producer in the region.

1986 - H&K, Inc. Opens Asphalt Plant in Bechtelsville, PA

Seeing the necessity for strategic asphalt plant location in the central Berks County PA region, H&K, Inc. selects a location adjoining Martin Stone Quarries, Inc.’s Bechtelsville Quarry, who continues to supply this facility with key aggregate materials.

1986 - Space Shuttle Challenger Accident

1988 - Lehigh Valley Site Contractors is Formed

Having successfully established A.B.E. Materials, Easton at the Mud Run Road location just four years prior, H&K would then seize the opportunity to develop a civil contracting group at this same location in 1988. Seeing the tremendous potential that this strategic hub would ultimately offer in the growing Lehigh Valley Region, H&K chooses the name, Lehigh Valley Site Contractors, Inc., and the rest is history.


1988 - George H. W. Bush Elected President

1989 – H&K, Inc. Opens Greenfield Quarry Facility in Peach Bottom, PA


1989 – Easton Block & Supply is Formed

Exploring differing avenues for use of their aggregate products and seeing a strategic nitche in the manufactured concrete block sector within the growing Lehigh Valley area, H&K, Inc. establishes a block plant immediately adjacent to its A.B.E. Materials quarry facility in Easton, PA.

1989 – H&K, Inc. Acquires Handwerk Contractors in Hummlestown, PA

Becoming aware that a small family-owned site contracting company was for sale near Hershey, PA, H&K , Inc. seized the opportunity to establish a strategic foothold in the western limits of its operating region. The operation would come to be known as Handwerk Site Contractors.

1991 - H&K, Inc. Forms Delaware Valley Recycling, Inc. in Philadelphia, PA

As H&K, Inc. continued to expand its demolition contracting influence within the Philadelphia Metropolitan area, management soon realized the benefit of accepting, handling and recycling demolition, asphalt, concrete and other construction related debris. A suitable site was selected near the City and Delaware Valley Recycling was established.

1991 - H&K, Inc. Acquires Handwerk Materials Asphalt Plant

With acquisition of Handwerk Site Contractors, Bud Handwerk the former owner, also ran a small asphalt plant not far from his contracting operation. H&K, Inc. also acquired this operation and soon started a quarry operation at this location. This facility would ultimately be sold for financial purposes.

1991 - The World Wide Web (www) Debuts as an Internet Service

1992 - H&K, Inc. Opens Greenfield Quarry Operation in Naceville, PA

After formation of a successful partnership with Miller & Son Paving, the group targeted a strategic site in northern Montgomery County PA to establish a new quarry facility. After extensive environmental studies and municipal planning efforts, Naceville Materials ultimately opened its doors in 1991. This strategic operation continues to operate today as one of H&K's largest and most productive quarries.

1992 - H&K, Inc. Opens Partnership Asphalt Plant in Coopersburg, PA

On the heels of a successful venture at Naceville Materials, H&K, Inc. again teams up with Miller & Son Paving to establish a key asphalt plant in Coopersbug, PA.

1992 - Bill Clinton Elected President

1995 - H&K, Inc. Acquires Key Materials Facilities in the Pottstown, PA Area

Seizing the opportunity to enter into negotiations with local Pottstown, PA businessman, Bud Florig, to acquire two existing quarries and an asphalt plant in close proximity to the Reading/Pottstown, PA suburban area, H&K, Inc. hammered out a deal and by 1995 established Pottstown Trap Rock Douglassville and Sanatoga Quarries.


1995 - Locust Ridge Quarry & Contractors Re-Pave Pocono Raceway

Working from their well-established base of operations at Locust Ridge Quarry, Locust Ridge Contractors re-paves world famous Pocono International Raceway and firmly puts H&K, Inc. on the Paving Prominence™ map!


1996 - H&K, Inc. Acquires Quarry Facility in Marshalls Creek, PA

Desiring to fill a strategic gap in their construction materials coverage area within eastern Monroe County, PA, the company engages a local businessman and quarry operator in Marshall’s Creek.  Following successful negotiations, 209 Enterprises opens and begins producing high quality construction aggregate in late 1996.

1996 - H&K, Inc. Opens Partnership Quarry in Doylestown, PA

With interest in expanding its quarry operations further into the Central Bucks County region, H&K, Inc. teamed up with partner, Miller & Son Paving, Inc., in 1996 to establish Plumstead Materials Quarry on Point Pleasant Pike near Doylestown, PA.

1997 - H&K, Inc. Acquires Existing Asphalt Plant Facility in Stewartsville, NJ

Seeing the need to expand their operating footprint eastward into New Jersey, H&K, Inc. acquires an existing asphalt plant from long-time businessman, Fred Weiss, and Warren Materials is established in 1997.

1997- H&K, Inc. Acquires Windsor Service in Reading, PA

Again, seizing the opportunity to acquire an existing contracting company in the Reading, PA area that had contracting 1920’s, H&K, Inc. entered into negotiations with George and Jake Walborn.  By 1997 H&K, Inc. had acquired all operations including a connected asphalt plant south of the city.  Today, only trucking and logistics operations remain as part of the Windsor operation.

1997 – H&K, Inc. Opens Asphalt Plant in Dunmore, PA


1997- H&K, Inc. Acquires Existing Asphalt Plant near Birdsboro, PA

H&K, Inc. takes operational control of Windsor Service’s existing asphalt plant due south of Reading, PA.  This strategic asphalt plant has continued to be a key supplier of high quality asphalt products to the southern Berks County region and beyond.

1997- The H&K Group Brand is Established

In an effort to form a corporate identity that would capture trusted “H&K” identity and unify the growing list of affiliate companies into an overarching brand, The H&K Group logo is established.

1997 - World’s First Social Media Site (Six Degrees) is created

1998 - Reading Site Contractors is formed

Having established a construction materials foothold in the Pottstown area several years prior (with acquisition of Pottstown Trap Rock Quarries), H&K, Inc. followed suit with formation of a contracting affiliate at this same location.  In 1998, Reading Site Contractors was formed at the Pottstown Trap Rock Sanatoga location where it has successfully remained to this day.

1998 - Easton Block Retaining Wall is Formed

1998 also ushered in formation of a contracting group dedicated to design and installation of mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) structures – principally utilizing block fabricated at the company’s Easton Block facility.  As success of this niche contracting group grew in the coming years, a broader service skill set would develop as well as the need for a brand/identity change.

1998 - H&K, Inc. Achieves Producer of the Year Success Award from Pit & Quarry Magazine

By 1998, the success of H&K, Inc.’s construction materials production and supply chain capabilities had fully meshed with market demand.  The end result was accolade on the national level.  From this point forward, H&K would remain a national leader in construction aggregates production.

1998 - H&K, Inc. Celebrates 30th Anniversary

In 1998, H&K, Inc. took the time to stop reflect and celebrate 30 years of achievement and business excellence.  The capstone event of the year occurred at H&K’s Annual Company Picnic. Held on the estate and property of John B. Haines IV, this particular picnic event featured the musical talents and down-to-earth persona of legendary signer songwriter, Willie Nelson.

1998 - H&K, Inc. Forms Engineering & Environmental Services Division

1998 saw the acquisition of long-time environmental/engineering consultant, Ross Consulting Engineers by H&K, Inc.  The consulting group consisting of engineers, scientists and geologists would ultimately take up residence in a rebuilt and reconfigured historic bam on the eastern limits of H&K’s Skippack Campus.  The division continues to provide both in-house as well as outside consulting services.

1999 - H&K, Inc. Opens Aggregate Crushing Operation in Stockertown, PA

Once again seeing opportunity and seizing it, H&K, Inc., joins forces with Hercules Cement to crush their overburden or non-cement grade quarry rock for construction aggregate.  The operation came to be known as Stockertown Constriction Materials.


1999 - H&K, Inc. Acquires Landis C. Deck & Sons in Bernville, PA

Seeing the need to fill a strategic gap in the west-central Berks County construction market, H&K, Inc., engages local family-owned contractor, Landis C. Deck & Sons for possible acquisition.  After negotiations were hammered out, Landis C. Deck & Sons Site Contractors was formed.

2000 - H&K, Inc. Opens Quarry Facility in Birdsboro, PA

After several years of extensive background environmental testing, permitting, municipal hearings and negotiations, H&K, Inc. began crushing operations at Birdsboro Materials Quarry in Birdsboro, PA.  Opened on the former site of the historic John T. Dyer Quarry, this H&K operation includes rail access and has grown to become H&K’s largest materials producers.

2000 - H&K, Inc. Opens Asphalt Plant and then Acquires Quarry in Hunlock Creek, PA

In an effort to efficiently provide asphalt and construction aggregates to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA metropolitan area, H&K, Inc. targets a site in Hunlock Creek, PA.  By close of 2000, Pikes Creek Asphalt & Crushed Stone is formed.

2000 - H&K, Inc. Forms Pikes Creek Site Contractors in Hunlock Creek, PA

Applying H&K, Inc.'s successful "growth formula" of construction materials first, followed by regional site contracting affiliate location, H&K forms Pikes Creek Site Contractors at the existing Hunlock Creek facility.

2000 - H&K, Inc. Opens “Clean Fill” and Materials Processing Facility in Allentown, PA

Seeing the need for a permitted "Clean Fill" acceptance and/or placement facility in the Allentown, PA area, H&K, Inc. targets its existing A.B.E Materials Allentown facility which was nearing the end of its production life. With permit in-hand, H&K, Inc. opens the facility under the new name of Huckleberry Associates in 2000.

2000 - H&K, Inc. Acquires Quarry Facility in Media, PA

In a continuing effort to strategically expand its construction materials footprint into growth-centric Delaware County, PA, H&K, Inc. enters into negotiations with an existing quarry operator in Media, PA. By 2000, negotiations were complete and H&K assumed ownership of Pyramid Materials quarry.

2000 - George W. Bush Elected President

2001 - H&K, Inc. Opens Sand & Gravel Facility in Belvidere, NJ

Again, seeing the need to not only supply the growing construction market with sand & gravel, but also feed its expanding ready-mix and block plant facilities with sand, H&K, Inc. enters into negotiations with a Belvidere, NJ property owner. By 2001, permits were obtained for this greenfield operation and Belvidere Sand & Gravel opened for business.

2001 - H&K, Inc. Opens Quarry Facility in Hazleton, PA

In a continuing effort to push its construction materials footprint into northeastern PA, H&K enters into negotiations with a property owner and coal producer just north of Hazleton, PA.  In 2001, Hazleton Materials began crushing operations.

2001 - Stone Express is Formed

Seeing the need to develop a fleet of tri-axle trucks dedicated to the transport of H&K’s vital construction aggregates throughout the corporations operating footprint and beyond, Stone Express, Inc. is formed in 2001.

2001 - H&K, Inc. Opens Aggregate Crushing Facility in Cornwall, PA

In 2001, the opportunity arose to acquire lands associated with the historic Bethlehem Steel Iron Ore mines near Cornwall, PA.  Designed with the intent to crush and process the Millions of tons of spoil rock cast aside during the 100-year mining history at the site, Cornwall Materials was established in 2001.  Crushing operations ceased in 2013, but the site remains a viable location for future site development.

2001 - World Trade Attacks

2001 - Apples iPod Debuts

2002 - H&K, Inc. Completes Successful Demolition of Southwark Towers

Through 2002, H&K, Inc. continues to capture a significant share of high profile site development and demolition work throughout its operating region. One iconic project that gained much notoriety was H&K’s Southwark Towers Implosion.  Imploding twin high rises simultaneously, the highly successful project featured protection of a historic church wedged between the two structures.

2002 - H&K, Inc. Opens Architectural Stone in Douglassville, PA

Seeing increasing demand for landscape materials including dimension stone, sand, decorative gravel and other products, H&K, Inc., forms the Architectural Stone Division at the company’s Douglassville location.  The operation would soon plant for sands decorative gravels and even mulch and biosoils products.

2002 - H&K, Inc. Opens Quarry Facility in Hawley, PA

With continuing interest in expanding the corporations construction materials presence in northeastern PA, H&K, Inc., acquires strategic ownership of an existing quarry operation in Hawley, PA.  The operation would ultimately come to be known as Atkinson Materials.

2002 - H&K, Inc. Acquires Greger Topsoil in Douglassville, PA

Longtime friend of John B. Haines IV’s Dave Greger, approached him about potential acquisition of his successful topsoil business.  Negotiations were ultimately achieved in early 2002.  Since this time, Greger Topsoil has become an essential supplier of high quality processed soils and mulches.

2002 - Hazleton Site Contractors is Formed

With a successful quarry facility now established north of Hazleton, H&K, Inc. acquired property in Humbolt Industrial Park and subsequently built office space and adjoining maintenance facilities to support full-service site contracting services. By 2002, Hazleton Site Contractors was established.


2002 - H&K, Inc. Forms Skippack Aviation in Skippack, PA

By the early 2000’s, H&K, Inc.’s business footprint had extended across the entire eastern half of PA and western NJ.  In order to effectively reach H&K’s business interests within the region as well as other potential opportunities, the corporation acquired a Bell 407, hired a corporate pilot and established Skippack Aviation.  The aircraft proved to be an extremely effective, strategic-type tool for the corporation, but was sold in 2012 on the heels of the post – 2008 economic downturn.

2002 - H&K, Inc. Opens Quarry Facility in Montrose, PA

2002 also saw the addition of Montrose Materials to H&K Inc.’s family of northeastern PA quarry operations.  Also, a subject of the post-recessional downturn and poor materials markets, the facility would ultimately close its doors in 2013.

2003 - H&K, Inc. Opens Asphalt Plant in Weatherly, PA

With a ready-source of aggregate available at nearby Hazleton Materials and a site contracting office now established in Hazleton, H&K, Inc. capitalized in 2003 with the establishment of Eckley Asphalt.

2003 - H&K, Inc. Opens Hardscape & Landscape Center in Marshalls Creek, PA

Having established the Architectural Stone Division a year earlier, H&K, Inc. saw key materials locations as potential retail outlets for its diverse offering of hardscape supplies.  209 Enterprises was its first venture and opened in 2003.  Unfortunately, the economic downturn and poor retail foot traffic forced this retail outlet to close in 2013.

2003 - The H&K Group’s Engineering Building Opens in Skippack, PA

After dismantling and removing an existing wooden barn on the eastern limits of H&K’s Skippack campus, skilled craftsmen reconstruct a fabulous stone structure in its place.  Unveiled in 2003, the “Engineering Barn” has continued to house and support our engineering and environmental team to this day.

2003-Human Genome Project is Completed

2004 - H&K, Inc. Opens Dagsboro Materials in Dagsboro, DE

With Birdsboro Materials up and running and the existing rail system and loadout fully upgraded, H&K, Inc. was ready to venture into the rail freight business.  Their next focus was establishment of a receiving stone depot on the southern end of the Delmarva Peninsula.  By mid-2004, Dagsboro Materials was established and H&K was successfully transporting vital aggregate to southern DE by rail.

2004 - H&K, Inc. Opens Asphalt Plant in Honesdale, PA

Seeing the need to add asphalt materials to its product portfolio in Wayne County, PA and desiring to feed this plant with aggregate from its adjoining Atkinson Materials location, H&K, Inc. forms Leeward Asphalt, LLC in 2004.  The facility has proven to be a successful partnership between H&K and E.R. Linde.

2004 - H&K, Inc. Opens Hardscape & Landscape Center in Media, PA

Following the lead established a year prior at 209 Enterprises, H&K opens second hardscape and Landscape retail supply store at Pyramid Materials.  Coined Pyramid Hardscape & Landscape Supply, this second retail outlet runs successfully until 2013 when it is also closed due to recessionary impacts.

2004 - H&K, Inc. Opens Partnership Quarry in Hegins, PA

Formed in collaboration with Naceville Group partner, Miller & Son Paving, Foster Materials was opened in 2004 and has continued to supply central and western Schuylkill County, PA with high quality construction aggregate.

2004 - H&K, Inc. Opens Partnership Asphalt Plant in Dagsboro, DE


2004 - H&K, Inc. Opens Quarry Facility in Damascus, PA

Also formed as a partnership, Bedrock Quarries, Inc. opened in 2004 as a portal to supply northeastern PA and the adjoining southern tier of NY with construction aggregate.  This H&K/E.R. Linde partnership operation continues to thrive in central Wayne County.

2004 - H&K, Inc. Opens Quarry Facility in Dalton, PA

Seizing the opportunity to acquire an existing permitted quarry facility with access to Scranton, PA and surrounding construction markets, Hilltop Quarry is established in 2004.

2005 - Top Shelf Drilling is Formed

With increasing production demands created by H&K’s expanding quarry footprint, the company sees benefit in adding a fleet of air rotary drill rigs to its growing Materials Division.  In 2005, Top Shelf Drilling is established.  The company continues to support both H&K Materials Division and outside construction drilling clients.

2005 - H&K, Inc. Opens Partnership Materials Facility in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Seeing a tremendous potential for construction aggregate and asphalt to supply future development and rebuild of aging infrastructure in the Wilkes-Barre, PA area, H&K again sets its sights on expansion.  Forging a partnership with American Asphalt & Paving, H&K establishes Wilkes-Barre Materials in 2005.

2005 - H&K, Inc. Forms Bellmawr Waterfront Development, LLC

Given growing demand for permitted facilities accepting incoming regulated beneficial reuse soils, H&K, Inc. partners with a local developer to establish Bellmawr Waterfront Development, LLC.  The venture was designed to accept reuse soil that would be used to cap three existing landfills under NJ's Voluntary Cleanup Program. The site will be redeveloped when capping is complete.

2005 - The H&K Group Materials Division Facility Opens in Skippack, PA

With H&K’s outward expansion through the mid-2000’s, demand continued for centralization of administration and purchasing related specifically to the group’s quarry and asphalt plant facilities.  In December of 2005, The H&K Group’s new 50,000 sq. ft. Materials Division building opened on H&K’s Skippack campus.

2006 - Chester County Site Contractors is Formed

Seeing growing demand for estimation and management of site development and infrastructure work throughout Chester County region of PA, H&K forms Chester County Site Contractors. This affiliate contracting group thrives until the economic downturn 2008 prompts consolidation of resources with Reading Site Contractors in 2014.

2007 - H&K, Inc. Opens Quarry Facility in Pottsville, PA

Formed in collaboration with Rich Family of Companies, Pottsville Materials was opened in 2004 and has continued to supply central and western Schuylkill County, PA with high quality construction aggregate.

2007 - The H&K Group Reorganizes and Appoints New Board of Directors

With the unprecedented growth of the previous 39 years, H&K had transformed into an extremely diverse and complex company. With the advent of 2007, organization change was necessary at the Board level in order to appropriately prepare the corporation for future generations of growth and success. Significant changes to the Board in 2007 included appointment of the corporations first CEO, Scott B. Haines, and COO, James T. Haines. Additionally, John B. Haines IV repositioned to Founder in a shared Co-Chairmanship position with his long-time partner John R. "Jack" Kibblehouse.

2007 - H&K, Inc. Established Partnership Materials Facility in Winslow Township, NJ

Partnering with long-time business associate, A. E. Stone, Inc., in 2007, H&K establishes a drum mix asphalt plant and associated stone depot in Winslow Township, NJ. The operation comes to be known as Winslow Hot Mix/Winslow Materials, LLC.

2007 - Pinnacle Stone Products is Formed

Partnering with Parkesburg, PA- based quarry and hardscape owners/producers, the Hannaway Family, H&K established Pinnacle Stone Products in 2007.  Also, based in Parkesburg, PA, Pinnacle Stone Products manufactures high quality, natural (cut) thin stone veneer products.

2007 - Terra Structures is Formed

In 2007 The H&K Group’s retaining wall division, Easton Block & Supply, had matured beyond both its service offerings as well as its location in Easton, PA.  As a result, the company to advantage of the need for change by rebranding the division to Terra Structures.

2007 - The First Apple iPhone Debuts

2008 - H&K, Inc. Celebrates 40th Anniversary

2008 marked a 40-year milestone for the corporation. As was the continuous corporate tradition up to this point, H&K celebrated in style with much fanfare and, of course, the traditional Company Picnic, which featured entertainment by The Oakridge Boys.

2008 - Berky’s Transfer & Site Container Service is Formed

Originally established and based out of the corporation's Douglassville, PA location, H&K started Site Container Service one year prior as a roll-off container service company. One year later however, H&K acquired an existing trash transfer station in Fleetwood, PA and the two entities were combined. The facility continued to operate under H&K control until 2017 when operational control was shifted to partner, AMA Resource, LLC.

2008 - H&K, Inc. Opens Partnership Asphalt Plant in Delmar, DE

Following extremely successful startup of H&K’s Dagsboro Materials and adjoining River Asphalt facilities in Dagsboro, DE, H&K in turn looked to broaden its asphalt opportunities further south and west into lower DE and MD’s Eastern Shore.  With this focus, River Asphalt, Delmar was formed in 2008.

2008 - American Fuels & American Fuels Service are Formed

Once again seeing an opportunity and seizing it, H&K connects with friend and long-time fuel oil businessman, Robert Self, to collaborate on a Skippack, PA-based fuel oil company. The end result was American Fuels and American Fuels Service.

2008 - The Great Recession of 2008 Occurs

Hitting (officially) this year and lasting approximately four more years, this period marked the beginning of an economic decline that effectively began in the US and rippled globally. Said to be the worst economic downturn since the 1930's (Great Depression). As with all businesses that endured The Great Recession, much financial and organizational change occurred in the years that followed. Many argue that the changes imposed by the economic downturn affected necessary and timely change in the way progressive, responsible corporations conduct their business. The H&K Group was not immune from these recessionary impacts and the changes that have occurred since 2008, present a dramatic change in the manner in which H&K operates.

2008 - Barack Obama Elected President

2009 - BGC, Inc. Water & Wastewater Services Division is Formed

With interest in capturing mechanical contracting work associated with service, repair and construction of the region’s water & wastewater systems, H&K forms the Water & Wastewater Services Division in 2009 and connects the business to Blooming Glen Contractors, Inc.

2009 - Reid’s Tannery Promotional Products is Formed

Originally established in a small 1700's Tannery on the property of founder, John B. Haines IV, this in-house promotional company was established to support employees, families and friends of H&K. As H&K grew, so did Reid's. Moving first to Reading, PA, the business then moved to H&K's Skippack, PA campus in 2009, where it thrives today servicing both in-house needs of H&K as well as a broad outside retail interests.

2009 - Austin Auto Body & Austin Graphics are Formed

With the onset of 2009, H&K's in-house auto body and truck repair and paint shop had matured to the point at which outside retail business as considered. Similarly, our in-house vinyl and sign shop was also venturing outward in order to capture outside retail work. The end result was formation of Austin Auto Body and Austin Graphics. Both entities continue to support both H&K Group and outside business interests.

2010 - Skippack Welding Repairs & Service is Formed

Seeing demand continue to grow for outside precision welding, metal fabrication and even welder equipment repair and service, H&K's own in-house welding and fabrication shop teams up and Skippack Welding Repair & Service is formed.

2010 - H&K, Inc. Establishes Biosoils & Compost Facility in Douglassville, PA

Given H&K, Inc.'s connection to construction aggregates, mulch, soil and processing of each, the company teams up with local entrepreneurs to develop a Biosoil product at the company's Douglassville, PA location. The partnership would combine aggregate, soils, mulch and food waste from local grocery stores to formulate and produce a high grade Biosoil material.

2010 - H&K, Inc. Opens Partnership Asphalt Plant in Pottsville, PA

Following successful startup of Pottsville Materials quarry in 2007,  H&K again partnered with The Rich Family of Companies to establish an associated asphalt plant in 2010 at this same site location in Pottsville, PA.

2011 - H&K, Inc. Established Partnership Materials Facility in Rushland, PA

In 2011, with establishment of partnership company, Naceville Materials, JV (partnership between H&K Group, Inc. and Naceville Materials), Miller Materials was welcomed into the H&K Group Family of Companies.

2011 - The H&K Group’s PR/Marketing “Farmhouse” is Completed in Skippack, PA

Subsequent to H&K's acquisition of the last portion of property associated with the Grater Family (the original property owners), the remaining farmhouse is completely renovated over a three year period leaving the remarkable and historic structure see today on the eastern limits of H&K's corporate campus. With portions of the original log home dating to the 1730's, this structure remains a proud representation of American history and H&K's commitment to preserving it. The H&K Group's PR/Marketing Team is honored to utilize the structure as office space.

2018 - H&K Group, Inc. Celebrates 50th Anniversary

2018 martked a half-century of business excellence at The H&K Group. From humble beginnings to regional dominance in the heavy civil construction sector, to national prominence as an aggregate producer, H&K is not typical. Rather, the company exists as a collective sum of its individual parts, entities, affiliates, employees, communities and, most certainly, its steadfast leadership.

2052 Lucon Road | P.O. Box 196 Skippack, PA 19474

Phone: 610.584.8500

Email: info@hkgroup.com

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