Celebrating Decades of Our Commitment to Excellence

This website has been prepared to honor a legacy of business excellence and tradition at H&K Group, Inc. (H&K).  It provides a running timeline of milestone moments in our corporate history, a glimpse into key traditions that have come to define our persona and a selection of collectible memorabilia.

At H&K and The H&K Group Family of Companies, we are extremely proud of our heritage.  As you scroll through our historical images, their descriptions and our timeline, we hope that the H&K story unfolds right before your eyes. Our story is one of an American Dream; from one man with a backhoe and a vision, to this vision’s realization into one of the most successful family-owned and operated heavy civil contracting and construction materials companies in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Although we understand the significance that foresight and vision have played in the success of our company, we also embrace the past and realize the importance it has played in our growth.  Knowing both where we have been and what we have come from has always been a hallmark of H&K tradition and company pride.

As the H&K story has forged past the half-century mark, we look forward to our future endeavors with much anticipation.  Although we will undoubtedly confront challenges that our founders could not have possibly imagined when they first conceived H&K, we know that the company will continue to grow, prosper and succeed if we commit to the guiding principles and traditions upon which the company was anchored over 50 years ago.

Our story begins here.

Anthony “Tony” Haines, the father of John B. Haines IV (Founder and Co-Chairman of the Board of H&K Group, Inc.), operates his 9N Ford tractor with backhoe and loader attachments on the family farm in Worcester, PA – circa 1950.

50 years of Excellent Service

Here at The H&K Group, we take great pride in our people.  We acknowledge that the overall strength and success of our company is directly related to the contributions of every single member of our employee family, both past and present.

For the last half-century, we have forged a company culture of trust, integrity, reliability and commitment in all that we do, simply by connecting with our employees and realizing that unity promotes success.  From our tradespeople in the field, to our technical and sales staff, to corporate administration, operations, legal, executive management and all who contribute to The H&K Group, we are forever connected as an employee family.  This is the H&K story and this is why we simply offer MORE.

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